Raide: Building a Solutions-Based Backcountry Brand (Ep.281)

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For this episode, I chat with Kyle Siegel, the founder of Raide, which is one of the newest players in the backcountry softgoods category. They launched with a lightweight 40-liter backpack that immediately made a splash when it was released, so I sat down with Kyle to learn about how — and why — he started Raide.

We cover the problems he’s looking to solve; how he went about doing so with the Raide LF 40 pack; we do a deep dive on some of the latest high-end, ultralight pack materials; the challenges and benefits of running a new, small business in the category; what we should expect from Raide in the future, and more.

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Blister First Look: Raide LF 40L Pack

Kyle’s Background (3:28)
The Problems Raide is Attempting to Solve (6:19)
Prototyping Process & Must-Have Features (12:15)
Deep Dive: Materials (17:00)
Raide LF 40L: Overview (28:07)
Raide’s Future Products (35:57)
Running Lean & Nimble as a Small Business (43:32)
Raide’s Athlete Team (46:17)

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