GEAR THERAPY! — Session #1 (Ep.187)

GEAR THERAPY! — Session #1 (Ep.187)
Gear Therapy — Session #1

We recently launched Gear Therapy over on our GEAR:30 podcast and now we’re bringing it over to Bikes & Big Ideas, too. For our first session, Simon Stewart and I chatted with Blister Member Andy Majewski about his bike quiver and the ways it’s evolved; how he might better dial in his current bikes to suit his needs; what bike would make the most sense to add to his quiver; why he needs the Philadelphia Eagles to go back to the Super Bowl for that to happen (it’ll make sense, I promise); and more discussion of a lot of bike gear and its tradeoffs.


Meet the Patient: Andy Majewski (1:43)
Andy’s Bike Quiver (5:12)
Suspension Performance & Anti-Rise (8:44)
Suspension Setup (12:55)
Wheel Selection & Tradeoffs (21:09)
eMTBs & Andy’s Specialized Levo (28:52)
Quiver Expansion & the Philadelphia Eagles (42:51)

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  1. Well, at least the drivetrain won’t be up for debate if Andy gets a new bike:
    (Sram) Eagle of course!

    And it looks like the Eagles are off to a good start

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