Hayden Hawks on the Black Canyon 100K & Western States (Ep.41)


  • Post-Race Vacations (1:57)
  • Training vs. Racing (5:19)
  • Getting a ticket to Western States (7:12)
  • Black Canyon: what went right & wrong? (12:27)
  • How & why did you get into ultras? (22:20)
  • Avoiding burnout (25:20)
  • When did you start running trails? (31:56)
  • Do you feel more like a veteran or a newbie? (36:49)
  • Preparing for Western States (40:50)
  • Life outside of running (43:53)
  • Environmental advocacy (46:07)

When a 15-year-old Hayden Hawks first learned about the Western States 100, he knew that he would someday get into running ultras, and it became his dream to race Western States.

Fast forward 14 years later, and the now-29-year-old Hayden Hawks is a world-class runner, he’s just won the Black Canyon 100k, and he’s qualified to race Western States this June.

So I talked to Hayden about his Black Canyon 100 win and the specific lessons he learned there. And we discuss his trajectory from running track in high school to where he is today. But the biggest takeaway from my conversation with Hayden is just how driven he is to test himself and see what is possible for him. It is a very infectious energy, and a great reminder to approach life with passion, drive, and joy.

Hayden Hawks joins Jonathan Ellsworth on the Off the Couch Podcast
Hayden Hawks

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