Hoji on the Dynafit Radical Pro; the Hoji Hole; & More (Ep.141)

Eric Hjorleifson goes on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the new Dynafit Radical Pro boot, the 4FRNT Hoji Hole, and more
Eric Hjorleifson (photo by Fred Marmsater)

Our patron saint of GEAR:30 is back on the show today, and I talked to Hoji about the new Dynafit Radical Pro; how it compares to the Hoji Free boot; the evolution of the “Hoji Hole” testing prototypes; and more.

And soon, you are going to be able to catch Hoji talking about the latest iteration of his Hoji ski, which you’ll find in our Blister Summit Brand Lineup video on 4FRNT.


  • The new Dynafit Radical Pro (2:06)
  • Updates to the Hoji Lock walk mode? (6:21)
  • Radical Pro tongue update (10:12)
  • Radical Pro vs Hoji Free (13:12)
  • Hoji Hole & Skiing in the Future (15:55)
  • Whistler lockdown, testing prototypes (19:06)
  • More on the Hoji Hole (20:55)
  • Hoji’s podcast recommendation (25:22)


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