Interviews from Mile 201 of the Moab 240 (Ep.22)


  • Wes Plate & Bryan Fillman (5:05)
  • Gordon Gianniny (aid station director) (8:39)
  • Chris Plunkett (16:02)
  • Catra Corbett (18:29)
  • Scott Bailey (22:23)
  • Wilk (pacer extraordinaire) (23:36)
  • Byron Roca (28:22)
  • Masato (32:44)
  • Hans Siemelink (36:55)
  • Toby Ballard (race medic) (40:27)
  • Daneri Gay (concerned ultra mom) (52:40)

What’s it like to run two hundred and one miles … and know that you still have another 40 miles to go? And why would you sign up and subject yourself to such a thing?

To find out, we went to Moab, Utah, to the Moab 240 Endurance Run — a two hundred and forty mile race — to capture the very raw and unfiltered reactions from runners, pacers, friends, medics, and concerned mothers from the Geyser Aid Station located at mile 201 of the Moab 240.

These conversations collectively paint a vivid portrait of what it’s like to have just run over 200 miles while knowing that you have another 40 to go; why you’d willingly put yourself through all of this; and what this race — and this community — is really about.

Jonathan Ellsworth interviews runners in the Moab 240 on Blister's Off The Couch podcast
Runners leaving the Geyser Pass Aid Station at the Moab 240 Endurance Run.

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