Jackson Brill: Full-Time Student, Full-Time Runner (Ep.16)


  • Golden Trail Series (3:10)
  • Lessons learned from studying physiology (14:02)
  • Ascents or Descents? (19:30)
  • Do you strategize races based on your competitors? (21:58)
  • Being teammates with Killian Jornet (25:53)
  • Growing up & downhill ski racing (31:00)
  • The “distance” question (34:41)
  • If you could only run 1 race in the next 2 years? (39:38)
  • What was your best day running? (41:41)
  • Jackson’s upcoming races (45:47)

Salomon athlete, Jackson Brill, is a 21-year old senior in college at CU Boulder, but given his approach to running, the way he talks about the sport, and his race results, you’d be forgiven for assuming that he was twice as old as he is. So we talked to Jackson about his studies and his work in CU’s Locomotion Lab; being teammates with Kilian Jornet; his experience with the Golden Trail Series; his strong interest in coaching; and whether he imagines competing in shorter or longer races in the future.

Jackson Brill goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss his young but very successful running career, being teammates with Killian Jornet, how he balances school and professional running, and more.
Jackson Brill

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