Katy Winton on 2021, Life as an EWS Pro, & Signing With GT (Ep.103)

We sat down with Katy Winton on Bikes & Big Ideas to get the full story on her whirlwind 2021 season — including having to start her own team at the 11th hour — as well as her recent signing with GT. And along the way she sheds a ton of light on life as a professional racer, and everything that goes into training, mental preparation, race-day focus, managing a career and team contracts, and a whole lot more.
Katy Winton

Katy Winton has reliably been one of the top contenders on the EWS circuit, but she found herself without a factory ride in 2021 and had to put together her own team at the 11th hour to keep racing. And despite all that chaos, she had another strong season, which culminated in her signing with GT Factory Racing for 2022. So we sat down with Katy to get the whole story, and she did a remarkable job of peeling back the curtain on day-to-day life as a professional racer during the season; contract negotiations and managing a career; and a whole lot more.


  • Katy’s 2021 season & being left out of a factory ride (2:19)
  • Putting together Moxie XI (15:47)
  • Racing as a privateer after years on factory teams (25:16)
  • Mindset & balancing training with running a team (30:57)
  • Managing the season & traveling with Joe Nation (35:04)
  • 2022 team talks & signing with GT (42:49)
  • Goals for 2022 (50:42)
  • Katy’s Big Idea (52:17)


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