Liza Howard on Donut Money; Parenting; Age & Expectations; Band of Runners; & More (Ep.37)


  • Donuts & Donut money (2:10)
  • Winning the USA FIT Marathon (4:28)
  • Getting into running to impress a boyfriend (9:54)
  • Winning Leadville (13:00)
  • Ultrarunning vs. Parenting (17:04)
  • Trail running in San Antonio (24:22)
  • Training in a flat region (30:00)
  • Band of Runners ( (31:30)
  • Training in heat for elevation? (43:12)
  • Wilderness courses & trail running (45:50)
  • Aging & Expectations (49:25)
  • Liza’s goals for 2020 & 2021 (56:58)

Liza Howard is smart, funny, accomplished, humble, and by her own account … is extremely susceptible to peer pressure.

She’s run marathons to impress a guy, still runs marathons for donut money, has won the Leadville 100 (and other big races) multiple times, is a coach, a parent, a NOLS Wilderness instructor, and the director of the terrific non-profit, Band of Runners.

This conversation between me, Brendan Leonard, and Liza ranges from the absurd to the profound; upsets a lot of preconceived notions and conventional wisdom; and will make you laugh and think in equal measure.

In short, Liza is a joy, and this conversation is a gift.


Liza Howard goes on Blister's Off The Couch Podcast to talk about running, winning the Leadville 100, donuts, and much more.
Liza Howard and her children, Asa, 10, and Ruby, 4, in San Antonio, Texas. (photo by Lisa Krantz)

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  1. Another good guest. I love it when you get good people on they aren’t necessarily some mega-alpha. She seems to merely like what she does. Or maybe the secret is in the doughnuts?

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