Marathoner Nell Rojas on Strength Training, Speed Work, & Low Mileage (Ep.38)


  • Growing up & playing basketball (3:18)
  • Coaching young runners (8:30)
  • Being coached by her dad (14:40)
  • Speed work & avoiding overtraining (21:11)
  • Nell’s interval training: the details (30:10)
  • Race strategy & splits (32:05)
  • Strength training for marathons (37:00)
  • Feb. 29th: US Marathon Trials (51:10)
  • Life outside of running (59:38)

Nell Rojas is fascinating. And fast. So fast that on February 29th, she’s got a shot at making the USA Marathon team, despite the fact that she didn’t race her first marathon until 2018. But she then won her second marathon (the very competitive Grandma’s Marathon), and now, the Olympic Trials are right around the corner. So we talked to Nell about her unique background; the dynamics of being coached by her dad (Rick Rojas); her uncommon emphasis on strength training, low mileage, speed work, and more.

Nell Rojas goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss training for the USA Olympic Marathon Team
Nell Rojas

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