Marcus Caston on the Return of the Turn (Ep.192)

When it comes to true ‘all-mountain’ skiing, Marcus Caston has one of the nicest turns in the game. He’s also got one of our favorite video series, Return of the Turn. So on our Blister Podcast, we talked to Marcus about the new episode; coaching; why people think he’s from the East Coast; and we discuss some Best / Worst episode ideas. (Paging Glen Plake…)
Marcus Caston doing what he does best (photo by Cam Mcleod)

When it comes to true ‘all-mountain’ skiing, Marcus Caston probably has the nicest turn in the game. He’s also got one of our favorite video series, Return of the Turn, which if you call yourself a skier, you need to watch. A new episode just dropped today, so in honor of the occasion, Marcus and I talked about the latest episode; the series itself; coaching; why people think he is from the East Coast; and we go over some Best / Worst ideas for Return of the Turn episodes. (Paging Glen Plake…)


  • Your most memorable Thanksgiving? (6:37)
  • Return of the Turn, Episode 10 (8:12)
  • How did the idea originate? (9:10)
  • Marcus & the East Coast (14:21)
  • Latest episode: Mid-Gad (15:23)
  • Skiing steeps on race skis (18:02)
  • Moguls: WHY? (22:37)
  • Best / Worst episode ideas (30:13)
  • Coaching (35:39)
  • Party Beach (41:03)
  • Where to learn more about Party Beach (44:38)


4 comments on “Marcus Caston on the Return of the Turn (Ep.192)”

  1. Saying that he doesn’t coach but “inspires” is one of the most Ted Lasso things I’ve ever heard. And I mean that in the most positive way possible. I wish more people were like that.

  2. Spin-off idea: “Discerning the Turn” in which a panel of experts unpicks and comments on the distinctive turns of the great skiers (Hoji, Marcus, etc.). Throw in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 twist by having them comment on some truly horrible turns of mere mortals.
    You’re welcome!
    Jim from Munich

  3. New England tradition to jump in the ocean in the winter, called Polar Bear Plunge. Done at different times, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years. Done in many coastal towns, but not all. Usually done to raise money for charity, but sometimes just for FUN (or the challenge). The ocean stays warmer than a lake, but its still cold.

  4. ‘Return of the Turn’ is very cool. Most of the footage is from the neighborhood so it’s a blast to watch. Best episode was the one on straight skis. You see Marcus ripping on 205s. They get the job done in this terrain because you’re in the fall line as much as possible, packing heat. Got off 210s here less than 10 years ago because they worked well. Still the fastest and most stable skis on the rack. 1st pair of shaped skis were slightly under powered and not long enough at 186 for Little Cottonwood Canyon. 2nd pair of shapers are the original 190 Blister Pro, the ones with the black top, thanks to your recommendation Jonathan. Many many thanks. They are such a good ride for someone 160 pounds and they get playful when you give them the Marcus Caston treatment. Which is every chance you get in soft snow and soft bumps. Point ’em, go for it and hang on. Many Moments have now been owned. BellaFonte based Tallac was a bust for backcountry, 190/108 Wildcat is good but not perfect for a directional only skier, 188/108 Commander is a great ski.

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