McConkey’s Spatula, Modern Pow Skis, & Luke’s Mustache (Ep.94)


Reviewers Paul Forward, Luke Koppa, and Jonathan Ellsworth talk about the signs we’re going stir crazy; Shane McConkey’s Volant Spatula and how it stacks up to other modern pow skis; the DPS Koala 119; the new LINE Vision 118; our current nominations for best underwear; Luke’s new mustache; and more.

And you should also listen to this Bikes & Big Ideas episode, where Jonathan Ellsworth talks to several outdoor-industry companies that have pivoted to fight COVID-19.

Flash Review: Volant Spatula

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Paul Forward, Luke Koppa, & Jonathan Ellsworth discuss on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast how they're handling self isolation, Shane McConkey's Volant Spatula, the DPS Koala F119, Line Vision 118, & More
Paul Forward on the DPS Koala F119, Chugach Powder Guides, AK. (photo by Henry Munter)

5 comments on “McConkey’s Spatula, Modern Pow Skis, & Luke’s Mustache (Ep.94)”

  1. Yay! There hasn’t been enough group chat gear30s this year. You guys rambling on about skis is always my favourite!

    • That’s ok, the ‘stache should ensure enough “social distance” to keep anybody from noticing the state of his underwear.

  2. I think that the real question that the Spatula raises is whether reverse sidecut still makes sense.

    For me the answer has always been “no”, mostly because no amount of flossing could make my brain accept a ski that shoots away when you tip it on edge, and I don’t ski exclusively powdery conditions enough to escape that disconnect. They’re just not fun for me. I love my Ravens (for backcountry) and Renegades (for powder), though, so I totally “get” reverse camber. I like to keep my skis a little big on edge anyway (if only to make Super-G arcs) so the squirreliness when flat isn’t a showstopper.

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