New Innovations in Bootfitting with Pulse Boot Lab (Ep.35)

Are you one of the many people who has wished that your ski boots were a bit stiffer or more comfortable? Well then listen up, because the bootfitters at Revelstoke-based Blister Recommended Shop, Pulse Boot Lab, have come up with a number of innovative ways to achieve both. Sam Shaheen and Pulse’s Kai Palkeinen discuss Pulse’s proprietary bootfitting app, their custom shell modification tools, and Pulse’s new product, the ProFlex, which is a ski-boot accessory that can stiffen traditional 2-piece ski boots by up to 30%.

Pulse Boot Lab Ski Boot Punching
Pulse Boot Lab’s innovative tool for punching without deformation.


  • Pulse’s “mathematical” approach to bootfitting (2:12)
  • The Pulse Fit Assistant App (5:25)
  • New tools for shell modifications (8:30)
  • Thermo-moldable vs. injection-style liners (11:12)
  • Biggest trends in bootfitting (17:24)
  • Why are they developing the Pulse ProFlex? (18:48)
  • And how exactly does it work? (22:24)
  • Why did they choose to work with Pebax? (28:10)

The Pulse ProFlex Kickstarter

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11 comments on “New Innovations in Bootfitting with Pulse Boot Lab (Ep.35)”

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for the feedback!
    It looks like the ProFlex will work with the Salmon Quest series. We’ve tested some other similar Salmon boots S/Max / QST Pro – and they work well with it.

  2. I’m curious based on the Kickstart page, what are the differences between the different Proflex models? Is the thickness of the plastic what determines the flex, and as a consumer what advice would you give as to selecting one of them?

  3. Hi Marshall,

    Currently there’s only 1 Proflex Model.
    You may be looking at the different packages on the kickstarter page, some include Powerstraps and multiple quantities of the Proflexes.
    If you’re looking to get the largest stiffness increase in your boots then I’d suggest to get both the Proflex and Pulse Powerstrap.

    Hope this helps,
    The Pulse Team

    • Does the Pulse Powerstrap function differently than a Booster Strap does? I know that they’re both a cam locking style, but does the elasticity of the Booster change the way that it works? Thanks!

      • Hi Marshall,
        It depends what you’re looking to get out of the strap.
        Most people crank a booster strap to the point that there’s no elasticity left in the strap in order to hold the leg as firmly as possible, essentially making it a non-elastic strap.
        Our non-elastic strap gives a very positive connection to the boot simply because there is no elastic.

  4. Great podcast, and nice work Pulse Labs! For those of us very far from Revelstoke (east coast) is anyone outside of Pulse using your fitting app or another shop you can recommend? I’ve had problems fitting a Hawx 130 xtd to my foot and haven’t been able to find a boot fitter that I’ve felt is really helpful.

  5. Hi Brills,
    At this point we’re developing and growing the brand. Plans to get the system into other shops is on the horizon for us.
    Where are you located?
    Do you have any local shops you normally use for bootfitting?
    Pulse Team

  6. I’m located in Lebanon, NH. I’ve been to several in the surrounding area without being impressed with any of the boot fitters even at our better local shops.

  7. Hi Brills,
    Shoot us a message via bootlab(at)pulserevelstoke(dot)com and we may be able to give some more advice.
    Pulse Team

  8. Boom! Ordered up a proflex and booster strap combo on Kickstarter. Hoping it makes my Hawk XTD 130s close to a real 130 and what I hoped it should have been. I dropped in an Intuition plug liner and that helped a bit, but still not close to a real 130. Love these boots fit and lateral support, but they are a 100 flex at most, IMHO.

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