Nick Russell on Splitboarding and ‘Light Bulb’ Moments (Ep.200)

Nick Russell started snowboarding in the half pipe, then fell in love with riding pow, and then developed a passion for splitboarding and splitboard mountaineering — where he’s now made several appearances in Cody Townsend’s The Fifty Project. So in this conversation, we talk about sharing a tent with Cody; Nick’s background and a number of his ‘light bulb’ moments; how he came to be a splitboarder sponsored by Red Bull; and how his recent signing with WNDR Alpine came about.


  • The Fifty Project & sharing a tent w/ Cody (4:08)
  • Red Bull athlete & splitboarder (11:50)
  • When did you start riding? (15:01)
  • Health Scare & Turning Point (20:47)
  • Riding for Jones (37:30)
  • Current state of snowboarding (41:34)
  • Signing with WNDR Alpine (44:44)
  • What kind of performance qualities do you like in a snowboard? (50:37)
  • Books & Movies (55:23)
  • Nick’s public speaking tips (1:02:40)


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