Pete Wagner on Wagner’s new Summit Skis, Avalanche Cores, & Niehues Collab (Ep.168)

Pete Wagner goes on our GEAR:30 podcast to discuss the new Wagner Summit skis, Wagner's wood cores sourced from avalanche debris, Wagner's collaboration with James Niehues, & More
Wagner Summit 97, Summit 105, Summit 106, & Summit 107

This week we’re talking with Pete Wagner, the founder of Wagner Custom Skis, where they build everything right in Telluride, Colorado. There are three big new things happening at Wagner, and we discuss all of them in this conversation.


  • Wagner’s new “Summit” skis (4:45)
  • Summit 106 (15:56)
  • Summit 107 (19:42)
  • Summit 97 (21:30)
  • Factory skis vs. the full custom process (22:49)
  • Current consumer trends? (25:18)
  • Avalanche cores (27:13)
  • New James Niehues collab (33:42)
  • Next Level Skiing podcast & Jonathan’s neck (35:36)
  • What will you do for the next Blister Summit? (43:19)


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