Push Industries’ Darren Murphy on Product Development, Suspension Tuning, & Local Manufacturing (Ep.107)

Push Industries is one of the best-known suspension tuners and manufacturers of high-end shocks out there, and their founder, Darren Murphy has a whole lot to say on the topic of suspension. And so we sat down with Darren to chat about his background and how he got into suspension in the first place; the Eleven Six shock and what makes it stand out; his approach to product development and tuning; making everything in-house in Colorado; how to set up your suspension; and a whole lot more.


  • Darren’s background in MTB & suspension (1:36)
  • History of Push (17:31)
  • Eleven Six Shock (26:46)
  • Push’s product development process (33:18)
  • Shock tuning for a given bike (38:38)
  • How to set up your suspension (53:16)
  • Darren’s Big Idea (1:03:30)


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