Reviewer Reports: So Many New Bikes (Ep.218)

Reviewer Reports: So Many New Bikes (Ep.218)
David Golay riding the Yeti SB165

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We’ve been testing a massive assortment of new bikes and other gear, and David Golay and Zack Henderson sat down to chat about a whole bunch of them, including the high-pivot Norco Optic and Sight, the new Specialized Epic Evo, the newly-mulleted Yeti SB165, and more.

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Reviewer Reports: So Many New Bikes (Ep.218), BLISTER
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2 comments on “Reviewer Reports: So Many New Bikes (Ep.218)”

  1. As a tall rider, I have been very happy that bikes have become longer. I certainly hope David is right and they will become taller as well, and have longer chainstays.

    On the other hand, for shorter riders, I think the bikes should not become taller, nor have longer chainstays. Good to hear that some of these new bikes have real short chain stays in the smallest sizes.

    And since front wheels seem to have all gone to 29”, long travel bikes will have tall stack heights in the smallest sizes, simply due to the height of front wheel + fork travel.

    • Yeah, there’s no one size fits all answer with this stuff. And we’ve brought up the stack height issue a bunch of times as a good reason for shorter folks to consider a 27.5” bike.

      I tried to be pretty clear on the episode that my prediction mostly applies to Enduro and DH bikes – for more all around Trail use I don’t think it makes as much sense to go tall and long. And there’s definitely a frame size component at play too, of course, but the proliferation of size specific chainstay lengths makes it easier to go bigger on the bigger frame sizes.

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