Reviewing the Reviewer: Kara Williard (Ep.209)

On the latest edition of our Reviewing the Reviewer series, our resident ski reviewer, bike tester, boot fitter, and sustainable farmer, Kara Williard, is in the hot seat. We cover everything from ski and bike gear preferences to snake bites; scorpion-eating chickens; Kara’s stint as a Tall-Tee-clad park rat; whether goalie gloves smell worse than sweaty ski boots; and much more.


  • Kara’s background (4:39)
  • Worst thing she did during high school? (12:18)
  • College days (14:02)
  • Kara’s family of goalkeepers (16:17)
  • Gross goalie gloves (18:25)
  • Kara’s skiing & bootfitting background (20:31)
  • First time she met Jonathan (31:26)
  • Mountain biking & gear preferences (36:26)
  • Her favorite reviewers (46:06)
  • Her favorite skier & bikers (47:21)
  • Jungle farming with scabies & scorpion-eating chickens (50:06)
  • What she’s better at than Sam Shaheen (54:28)
  • Favorite books, movies, & musicians (57:21)
  • Random review: her own red chile (1:03:05)
  • Best question we haven’t asked you? (1:07:38)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:12:04)



2 comments on “Reviewing the Reviewer: Kara Williard (Ep.209)”

  1. Love the show guys! Just got done listening to Kara’s interview and look forward to hearing more of her take on boot fitting. You guys need to do a deep dive on green chili vs red (e.g. Texas) chili vs green chile vs red (e.g. Colorado) chile.

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