Sam Shaheen’s Denali Expedition & the Gear He Used (Ep.155)

Sam Shaheen’s Denali Expedition & the Gear He Used (Ep.155), BLISTER
Sam Shaheen heading up Denali

This spring, Sam Shaheen and four of his friends took on the very big challenge of a Denali expedition. So in this conversation, we get the debrief from Sam, discuss what he and his crew learned in the process, and go over some of the most important gear he used (including a homemade unicorn nose guard), and of that gear, what worked well and what didn’t.


  • The idea of Denali (3:34)
  • Group dynamics (9:40)
  • Summiting (17:43)
  • The Gear (30:22)
  • Hotdog party & Sam’s celebrity (53:42)
  • Sam’s magic red light (57:25)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:02:13)


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Sam Shaheen (w/ custom unicorn nose guard) & Jacob Winey atop Denali's summit.

2 comments on “Sam Shaheen’s Denali Expedition & the Gear He Used (Ep.155)”

  1. great job boys !
    good job disecting the journey, Sam. the group dynamic is almost always unpredictable. long live the hibachi hotdog hombre !

    also good to get a Sam Shaheen update. “quitting skiing” my eye…

  2. Sam mentioned he would have preferred a lighter ‘class’ of AT boot than the Maestrale he was wearing, in order to save a large chunk of weight. I would think that even more important is how much easier it is to walk/climb in those lightweight boots, with much better range of motion and a more precise, less clunky feel.

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