Shaun Martin on the Navajo Approach to Running, Coaching, & Community (Ep. 55)


  • Shaun’s background (2:23)
  • Shaun’s father’s upbringing as a Navajo native (4:09)
  • How relatable is your father’s experience to your own? (10:55)
  • Getting into competitive running (16:47)
  • Running in college (21:13)
  • Pursuing a career in education & coaching (22:48)
  • Shaun’s coaching techniques & philosophies (33:31)
  • Getting into ultras / starting the Canyon De Chelly Ultra (38:44)
  • Sharing running with your kids (54:01)
  • Your ultra running career (57:12)

Our guest this week is Shaun Martin, who we’ve talked about before on this podcast in our conversations with Sanjay Rawal, since Shaun appeared in Sanjay’s film, 3100: Run and Become.

But this time we’re talking to the man himself, and Brendan Leonard and I talk to Shaun about his background, heritage, coaching philosophy, and a whole lot more.

Shaun Martin goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss his Navajo heritage, professional running, coaching, and more
Shaun Martin running the Canyon de Chelly Ultra. (photo courtesy of Canyon De Chelly Ultra)

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