Sanjay Rawal on Running Dumb, Training Slow, & Finding Joy through Exertion (Ep.33)

Sanjay Rawal goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss running the California International Marathon, the concepts of running dumb; training slow; finding joy through exertion, and much more.

We talk to Sanjay Rawal about his rather spectacular performance — and even more spectacular meltdown — near the end of the California International Marathon, and discuss the concepts of running dumb; training slow; finding joy through exertion; whether it is possible to run a great time by not caring about running a great time; and more.

Shaun Martin on the Navajo Approach to Running, Coaching, & Community (Ep. 55)

Shaun Martin goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss his Navajo heritage, professional running, coaching, and more

Our guest is Shaun Martin, who we’ve talked about before on this podcast in our conversations with Sanjay Rawal, since Shaun appeared in Sanjay’s film, 3100: Run and Become. But this time we’re talking to the man himself, and Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talk to Shaun about his background, heritage, coaching philosophy, and a whole lot more.

Food Sovereignty, Indigenous Rights, & the Film, Gather (Ep.131)

We talk with our friend, Sanjay Rawal, about his new film, Gather. (Sanjay directed the film, Renan Ozturk was the cinematographer, & Jason Momoa produced it.) Gather tells the story of the growing food sovereignty movement among Native American tribes across the U.S., and this film is sure to cause you to re-evaluate your own relationship to food and to land and to a lot of other things.

Bees, Green Lawns, “Perfect” Apples, & the Reinvention of Farming (Ep.132)

Peter Nelson and Sally Roy discuss their film, The Pollinators, on the Blister Podcast. They discuss the current status of bees, why it very much matters, monoculture, why bees are dying, soil, and much more

Most of us know that bee populations are struggling to survive, but why? And why do bees play such a critical role in the production of food? We talk to Peter Nelson and Sally Roy about their new film, The Pollinators, which tells the story of bees and beekeeping and soil and farming practices and pesticides and the EPA and why we need to change the way we produce food — and what each of us can do to help the cause.