Kuat Highline Trunk Rack

Noah Bodman reviews the Kuat Highline Trunk Bike Rack for BLISTER

There are plenty of different ways to carry bikes on your car, but not everyone wants (or needs) an expensive, semi-permanent hitch or roof rack. That’s why trunk racks like the Kuat Highline exist, and the Highline is a great choice in this category.

Kuat Transfer Bike Rack

Noah Bodman reviews the Kuat Transfer Bike Rack for Blister

When it comes to bike racks, you’re often choosing between expensive options that are secure, or inexpensive options that are unreliable and unstable. But the Kuat Transfer aims to change that. Check out our review.

Kuat Pivot

Noah Bodman reviews the Kuat Pivot for Blister

The Kuat Pivot swing-away hitch extender is a bit like a dropper post — you don’t know you need one until you actually have one. And once you do, it’s hard to go back. Check out our review.