David Golay reviews the We Are One Triad wheels for Blister

We Are One Convergence Wheels

We Are One has been making some of our favorite carbon wheels for quite a while now, and the latest models in their Convergence line are claimed to be stronger and more damped than their longstanding Union rims — and they use a wild-looking design to get there. We’ve been spending a lot of time on the middle-width wheel in the range, the Triad, and are ready to weigh in.
David Golay reviews the Forge+Bond 30 EM wheels for Blister

Forge+Bond 30 EM Wheels

CSS Composites has been making thermoplastic carbon fiber wheels for a number of other brands for a while now, but their own brand, Forge+Bond, claims to do some things differently. Having spent a ton of time on their 30 EM wheels, we’re ready to weigh in.
David Golay reviews the Reserve Aluminum wheels for Blister

Reserve 30|SL & 30|HD AL Wheels

Reserve deserves a good chunk of the credit for making lifetime warranties the industry standard for carbon wheels, and now Reserve is offering the same on their first aluminum ones. But how do the new 30|HD AL wheels ride, and just how crucial is that warranty? We’ve put a lot of miles and abuse into a pair — time to weigh in.
David Golay reviews the Chris King MTN30 wheels for Blister

Chris King MTN30 Wheels

Chris King is one of the first and biggest names in high-end hubs, and now they’re offering complete wheelsets under their own brand — and in keeping with King’s ethos, they’re high-end carbon fiber wheels, with US-made, recyclable rims.
David Golay Blister Mountain Bike Review on the Reserve 30 SL Wheels

Reserve 30 SL Wheels

Reserve’s 30 SL carbon wheels are a new offering meant for Trail bike duty, and at first glance, they seem a lot like the longstanding Reserve 30 that’s been put on a diet. But that’s far from the whole story, and the on-trail results are compelling.
David Golay Blister Mountain Bike Review on the Nobl TR37 wheels

Nobl TR37 Wheels

Carbon wheels have become fairly commonplace but Nobl’s TR37s are quite different from most of the market, with front- and rear-specific rims and an unusual “Sine Wave'' rim profile. That's well and good, but how do they compare to the competition on the trail? Check out our full review to find out.
David Golay Blister Mountain Bike Review on the WTB Proterra Tough Wheels

WTB Proterra Tough i30 Wheels

WTB says their new Proterra Tough wheels “won’t let you down,” but they’re also relatively affordable and not especially heavy. So has WTB beaten the old “cheap, light, strong; pick two” adage, or is there a catch? Check out our full review to find out.
David Golay reviews the We Are One Union wheelset for Blister

We Are One Union Wheels

There are plenty of ultra-stiff carbon rims on the market, but many of them also tend to feel very harsh and jarring in rough terrain. With their Enduro-oriented Union wheels, We Are One aimed to strike a better balance of stiffness, ride feel, & durability — all while making them in British Columbia and offering a lifetime warranty. After spending a few months riding the Union wheels (on an aggressive hardtail), we think they’d be very appealing to a lot of riders.
Ben Sims reviews Revel's RW30 Wheels for Blister

Revel RW30 Wheels

Revel claims that their new RW30 carbon wheels are not only more durable and better damped than other carbon rims, but also more easily recyclable and similarly lightweight. These are some pretty bold claims, so check out our review to see how they went about doing this and our initial on-trail impressions.