Sanjay Rawal on Running Dumb, Training Slow, & Finding Joy through Exertion (Ep.33)


  • The future of podcasts? (2:00)
  • Lessons from 3100: Run & Become (9:20)
  • The urban roots of ultrarunning (14:06)
  • Beyond Bonking: Sanjay’s experience at CIM (17:05)
  • Running Dumb (32:29)
  • Boston Marathon this April? (37:32)
  • Training Slow (38:45)
  • Sanjay’s take on personal resolutions (50:55)
  • Inspiration vs. Aspiration (54:45)
  • Finding Joy through Exertion (57:10)
  • Sanjay’s next film: Patti Dillon (59:40)

Sanjay Rawal was the first guest we ever had on Off The Couch, and we are pleased to have him back on for our first episode of the new year.

The impetus for having him come back on was to ask him about his rather spectacular performance — and even more spectacular meltdown — near the end of the California International Marathon this past year. But in addition to getting a fantastic first-hand account of that race, we touch on a number of important topics that get much deeper than some race report.

Sanjay talks about the concepts of running dumb; training slow; finding joy through exertion; and whether it is possible to run a great time by not caring about running a great time.

We also talk about the urban roots of ultrarunning, Sanjay’s latest film project, the future of podcasts, and more.

I assure you, there is an abundance of food for thought packed into this episode.

Sanjay Rawal goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss running the California International Marathon, the concepts of running dumb; training slow; finding joy through exertion, and much more.
Sanjay Rawal at the 2019 California International Marathon.

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