Skiing Austria, Ski-Boot Mods, & the Atomic Redster G9 RS, X9 S, & X9 WB (Ep.178)

Matt Manser, Atomic’s ski boots product manager, is back on GEAR:30 to discuss my trip to Austria; Matt’s Jura coffee maker; our scotch & rye whiskey tasting sessions; skiing Zauchensee and Kitzsteinhorn on the Atomic Redster G9 RS, X9 S, and X9 WB; ski boot terms (and unconditional love); and some modifications we made to my ski boots — which you might want to consider for your own.


  • Jura coffee (6:09)
  • Scotch & Rye Whiskey (8:26)
  • Trip Report: Austria (18:27)
  • Skiing the Atomic Redster G9 RS, X9 S, X9 WB (26:03)
  • Johnny Dapp (32:33)
  • Atomic’s factory (35:29)
  • Ski boot terms (40:11)
  • Modifications to Jonathan’s Redster CS ski boots (48:35)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:06:06)


13 comments on “Skiing Austria, Ski-Boot Mods, & the Atomic Redster G9 RS, X9 S, & X9 WB (Ep.178)”

  1. Sorry you could not ski any of the terrain at „Kitz“ Jonathan, but at least you had some bluebird and could enjoy some high speed runs down „Black Mamba“ I assume…

  2. This took a while to appear in the Apple Podcasts app. I listened to it here, but were it not for the IG post, I’d have missed it.

    • I did – only Deplar Farm, on the Troll Peninsula. And I’m planning to be back there in May.

      And technically, sure, Iceland is part of Europe. But in so many other ways other than “technically” … it doesn’t really feel like skiing continental Europe, I’d say?

  3. @blister – if it is from Scotland then its “whisky” (note : the different spelling)
    the difference is general geographic.
    the smokier / peatier flavours are generally from the islands or west-coast of Scotland.
    the un-peated versions are generally from Speyside or the North East of Scotland.

    fully agree that a wee drop of water helps to make the flavor palatable.

    • Uh oh, did we say something that made you think we don’t know the ‘y / ey’ distinction? Manser will be prematurely spinning in his grave.

      • No Jonathan, you seem to be aware of this, however, you did seem confused about what the plural would be: “scotches”! ?

        The answer is of course “whiskies”.
        Only north Americans call whisky “scotch”.

        Keep up the good work , I enjoy most of your podcasts.
        Pray for some snow in Scotland, we’re currently drawing a blank..

  4. Jonathan what you really need is a Ratio, preferably the Six. I have both a Ratio and a MoccaMaster, the Ratio is better.

  5. Now you know what you have been missing all these years – Austria apres is the best, bar none! Plus the skiing is good to, and no fun police to make you slow down.

  6. I didn’t get the new lifters part. Is it something that will come standard with the CS in the future? Those new grippy ones you mentioned.

    • The new Dual Component Lifters are sold aftermarket and will require the boot toes & heels to be routered back to 5355 dimensions.

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