Snowboarder Elena Hight on Competition, Transitions, & Blank Canvas (Ep.155)

Elena Hight goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss her new film, Blank Canvas, her snowboarding career as a whole, and more
Elena Hight in Japan. (photo by Leslie Hittmeier)

Elena Hight is an X Games Gold Medalist, two-time Olympian, and a person who everyone in my world describes first and foremost as … a badass.

Elena and I talk about her new film project, Blank Canvas; competitive drive; how similar or different it is preparing to ride a big backcountry line versus a half-pipe contest run; her time in the mountains with the likes of Hana Beaman, Travis Rice, and Danny Davis; the importance for all of us to get better at dealing with the changes and transitions that are an inevitable part of life; and more.


  • Offseason training & habits (4:49)
  • Competitive Background (9:35)
  • Mental preparation: contests vs. the backcountry (15:18)
  • Shifting from halfpipe riding (22:21)
  • Practices to help with moments of transition (33:40)
  • Filming with Travis Rice (39:55)
  • Current favorite books & music (43:26)
  • 2021 plans (44:50)
  • Where to watch Blank Canvas (50:15)


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