GingerRunner, Ethan Newberry, on Acting, Anxiety, the Barkley Banana, & Shoe Reviews (Ep.82)

The Ginger Runner's Ethan Newberry goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss how he started The Ginger Runner, The Barkley Banana, how the Ginger Runner has progressed, and more
Ethan Newberry, aka, The Ginger Runner

Brendan Leonard and I talk to The Ginger Runner, Ethan Newberry, about life before The Ginger Runner; what led Ethan to start GR and how it has evolved; anxiety and mental health; his partnership with Kim Teshima Newberry; and of course, shoe reviews.


  • On being interviewed (2:29)
  • Life before The Ginger Runner (4:55)
  • Acting Auditions (16:57)
  • Ethan’s process of content creation (24:47)
  • The Barkley Banana (31:58)
  • Ethan’s partnership with Kim (37:23)
  • Branding / the origins of The Ginger Runner name (45:09)
  • “Making It” (57:00)
  • Anxiety & Mental Health (1:06:10)
  • “What shoe should I run in?” (1:15:20)

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