Zoë Rom on Fruit, Oreos, Fireball, FKTs, & Running Culture (Ep.77)

Zoë Rom goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss her DNF Podcast, growing up in Arkansas, Oreos, Fireball, ultramarathons, her FKT on Capitol Peak, and much more
Zoë Rom

Zoë Rom is a runner / scrambler / climber; reader; writer; and host of the DNF Podcast. And we talk about all of this plus her interest in continuing to deepen and enrich running culture; the very specific way to win her heart; getting cut from the cross country team in high school; winning her first ultra with the help of Oreos & Fireball; her FKT on Capitol Peak; what she’s reading, watching, and listening to; and more.


  • Fruit, books, & growing up in Arkansas (2:29)
  • Getting cut from the XC team (6:40)
  • Oreos, Fireball, & Winning her 1st Ultra (12:55)
  • Moving to Boulder, CO (22:38)
  • Climbers or Runners: who are more cerebral? (26:55)
  • Writing about Running (30:13)
  • Mountain Running (34:11)
  • How to win Zoe’s heart (35:51)
  • Zoe’s FKT on Capitol Peak (37:47)
  • DNF Podcast (44:32)
  • What Zoe’s reading, watching, & listening to (49:47)


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