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If you’ve read any of our reviews of Renoun’s skis, you’ll know that they are truly unique, and you kind of need to actually ski them to understand exactly how they feel.

Well, the winner of our Gear Giveaway this week will get to do just that, since they’ll be able to pick any Renoun ski they want!

Win any Renoun Ski, BLISTER
Renoun Endurance 98, Endurance 88, Earhart 88, Citadel 106, & Atlas 80

To back up a bit, Renoun’s skis feel so different because of the non-Newtonian polymer laminated into their core. Formerly called “HDT” (hyper damping technology) and now dubbed “VibeStop,” this construction makes a very noticeable difference in terms of how these skis feel (listen to our Blister Podcast with Renoun founder, Cyrus Schenck for more). Many of them feel quite soft when hand-flexing them or skiing at moderate speeds, but when you pick up speed and start pushing them harder, they feel notably stiffer and more stable. Many of their skis are also very light, yet feel far more stable than anything similarly lightweight.

In terms of models, Renoun now offers everything from dedicated carvers (Atlas 80) to versatile all-mountain skis (Endurance 88 & 98) to lightweight powder-oriented skis (Citadel 106) — and they just added this year the women-specific Earhart 88. While each of those skis excels at different things, they maintain the defining characteristic of Renoun’s skis — easy, nimble, and pretty playful at slow speeds, but deceptively stable when pushed hard.

Now’s your chance to try them for yourself, so enter before Friday, October 2nd for your chance to win!

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12 comments on “Win any Renoun Ski”

    • Renoun said they have very limited stock of the Citadel 114, but may be able to make it work (likely just depending on length) if the winner wants that ski.

      • Thanks Luke, was mostly just wondering if they still planned to launch it. Though would certainly be interested should I be lucky enough to win

  1. What’s the 114 like? If it’s a stiff all mountain ski that seems to be a ski category I’m not seeing a lot of choices in.
    Lots of the skis I’ve been seeing advertised assume good snow and powder. We East Coast skiers call white hard pack good snow (in the west they call it ice). Boiler plate now that’s ice.
    Let’s hope for open lifts and short lines. A mask no prob just let us to the top.
    Be well

    • I would not call the Citadel 114 a stiff all-mountain ski (it’s a very lightweight, pretty soft, 114mm-wide ski that’s designed primarily for powder and soft conditions).

    • Citadel 114 this year has new core & layup. Some have metal. Not officially for sale on the site. We’ve only been taking reservations for it and will see what we have on hand after Athletes make their selections to release the rest to the wild.

      But overall – much stiffer. new shorter 178cm length too.


  2. The winner of this one is going to experience so much joy!!! Congrats in advance to the person the universe and Blister choose to smile upon!

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