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Jim Harris -- Perpetual Weekend -- on the Blister Podcast

Jim Harris, Perpetual Weekend (Ep.44)

Jim Harris is as passionate about and as involved in the outdoors industry as anyone, but a serious accident threatened to change that. But the real story here is Jim’s “crazy” recovery, and the lessons he has learned (and that we would do well to learn from him) about dealing with obstacles, understanding self-identity, and defining self worth.

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Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Nordica Enforcer 110 for Blister Gear Review.

New Ski Reviews from Mt Bachelor (Ep.40)

Blister reviewers talk about some of the most surprising skis we reviewed at Mt Bachelor, then discuss what our 1-ski and 2-ski quiver picks would be for Mt Bachelor.

So here are our very fresh thoughts on a number of very high-profile skis.

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Noah Bodman on the Blister Podcast

New Bike Stuff! (Ep.39)

We talk to Blister’s bike editor, Noah Bodman, about where the most innovations are taking place in the bike world; whether e-bikes are gaining acceptance; several particular bikes (including the YT Jeffsy, the Canyon Spectral, and a couple of “plus” bikes); and the upcoming World Cup DH season.

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Sven Coomer, Zipfit Boot Liners on the Blister Podcast

Sven Coomer, Founder of Zipfit Ski Boot Liners (Ep.35)

What is the least understood but arguably most important piece of ski equipment? Ski boot liners. So we talk to ski boot pioneer, Sven Coomer, about why boot liners don’t receive the attention they deserve, what makes Zipfit liners different, and why Sven believes that liners are the single most important piece of ski equipment.

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Blister Podcast on Wilderness First Responder Training, or WFR, or backcountry emergencies

How to Handle Backcountry Emergencies (Ep.30)

Accidents happen when you’re far away from help. Do you know how to respond? Too many of us don’t, and that is irresponsible and dangerous. This conversation will drive that point home, and clue you in on some steps we all should take.

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On this Blister Podcast, we talk to Cy Whitling, David Steele, and Andrew Forward

Report from Bachelor + Meet the New Reviewers (Ep.29)

From Bend, we announce the release of a new special-edition Blister Pro, then talk to Blister reviewers David Steele and Andrew Forward about growing up in Alaska; speed flying; Glacier National Park; funny & painful ski touring missions, Super Burrito, and more.

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Blister Podcast with Brendan Leondard on his book Make It Till You Make It

Brendan Leonard, (Ep.28)

We talk to’s Brendan Leonard about creativity and the process of creating: How to stop procrastinating and get started; why – and why not – to attempt something new; and what it takes to keep going.

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Blister Podcast - Armada Skis Ski Designers

Ski Designers, Armada Skis (Ep.27)

We stopped by Armada HQ in Park City to talk to Andy Hytjan and Logan Imlach about Armada’s past, present, and future; Armada’s stacked team; and a number of skis in the Armada line, including the JJ, the Edollo, and the new ARV 106.

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Jonathan Ellsworth talks to Sweet Protection co-founder, Stale Moller, on the Blister Podcast

How to Protect Your Head (Ep.18)

You know you should wear a helmet, because head injuries are no joke. But are all helmets equally safe? And what’s up with all those different safety certifications? What do you really need to know before purchasing a helmet? We talk to the founder & head designer of Sweet Protection, Stale Moller, about all this and more.

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