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Elyse Saugstad on the Blister Podcast

Elyse Saugstad, Big Mtn Skier (Ep.74)

We talk with Elyse about filming the new MSP movie, All In; growing up in Alaska; her work with Safe As Clinics; figure skating and fantasy football (?); and the value of repeatedly finding new ways to challenge yourself.

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Glen Morden, VP of Product Innovation at Patagonia, on the Blister Podcast

Product Innovation at Patagonia, with Glen Morden (Ep.72)

Glen Morden has an extremely cool job — he’s the head of Product Innovation at Patagonia. So we talked to Glen about his background and how he got this position, then Glen pulls back the curtain on the product design process at Patagonia, what he and his colleagues are currently most concerned with, and what sorts of projects are on the horizon.

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Bullying in Outdoor Sports: Reaction & Responsibilities, Blister Podcast

Bullying in Outdoor Sports: Reactions & Responsibilities (Ep.71)

Last week, professional climber, Sascha Digulian, announced that she has been bullied for years by a fellow pro climber. A firestorm of responses ensued, and sponsorships were terminated. So we discuss why this is more than just some isolated issue in the climbing world; whether the brand sponsors did the right thing; and what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate responses — by each of us — to situations like this.

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Blister Podcast, BLISTER

Venture Snowboards: Building in Silverton, CO (Ep. 68)

We went to Silverton, Colorado, to talk to the founders of Venture Snowboards about how & why Venture does things different from most snowboard companies; building boards from scratch in Silverton; “greenwashing” in the snowsports industry; current trends in board design, and more.

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Karen Crouse discusses her book, Norwich, on the Blister Podcast

New York Times sportswriter, Karen Crouse (Ep.65)

We talk to Karen Crouse about her new book on the history and principles of the Olympian incubator town of Norwich, Vermont; the current state of the Olympics; and how all-time achievers like Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods have informed her thoughts on the price of greatness.

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Matt Manser, Atomic Ski Boots (Ep.63)

We talk to the global product manager of Atomic ski boots about how a kid from a little town in New York got that position, how his study of philosophy helped him get there, the design decisions behind the Atomic Hawx Ultra & Ultra XTD boots, and more.

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Blister Podcast, BLISTER

Backcountry Travel & Wilderness Medicine (Ep.62)

What items should you be carrying with you, and what do you need to know before venturing out into the backcountry in the first place? We discuss backcountry travel and wilderness medicine with Blister reviewer, AWLS instructor, and physician Paul Forward.

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DPS Phantom on the Blister Podcast

DPS Phantom & the End of Ski Wax (Ep.59)

DPS Phantom is a new product that claims to eliminate the need to ever again wax your skis or board. Sounds crazy, so we talked to DPS founder, Stephan Drake, and Jeff Bates, the technological developer of Phantom, to have them explain how this is possible.

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Interbike 2017 on the blister podcast

Camo is the New Black: Interbike 2017 (Ep.56)

On location in Las Vegas, we talk to Blister bike editor, Noah Bodman, about the current state of Interbike; the most intriguing bikes we rode; the most interesting products we’ve seen; and the most bizarre stuff on the trade show floor.

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Flylow founder, Dan Abrams, on the Blister Podcast

Flylow Co-Founder, Dan Abrams (Ep.53)

We talk to Flylow co-founder, Dan Abrams, about the early days of Flylow; how the outerwear industry has changed, and Dan breaks news about a new technology that Flylow has been developing and will be rolling out soon.

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Eric Hjorleifson talks about the 4FRNT Raven, Hoji, and Renegade on the blister podcast

Eric Hjorleifson on Ski Design & Pillow Lines (Ep.51)

Eric Hjorleifson is one of the best big-mountain skiers of all-time, and he’s also known for being one of the master tinkerers in the ski industry, and someone who absolutely obsesses over ski, boot, and bindings design. So we talked to Hoji about skiing pillows, ski design, and the evolution of his Renegade, Hoji, and Raven.

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Sam Shaheen reviews the G3 SENDr 112 for Blister Gear Review

New Tech & Trends in Outerwear (Ep.49)

We talk to Blister’s outerwear editor, Sam Shaheen, about the most important new tech & trends in apparel; how & why he first got involved with Blister; starting his own outwear company at the age of 15, and more.

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Blister Founder Jonathan Ellsworth's accident.

A Nearly Fatal Birthday, Part 2 (Ep.48)

On our last podcast, we told you about a serious ski accident that Blister founder, Jonathan Ellsworth, was fortunate to survive. But the crash itself was only part of the story, and the weeks after the crash have been full of a number of very consequential events, decisions, and lessons, and we discuss them here.

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Tommy Caldwell, Climber, Blister Podcast

Tommy Caldwell, Big-Wall Climber (Ep.45)

We talk to one of the most accomplished big-wall climbers of all time about his excellent new book; risk; Alex Honnold’s latest free solo; obsessive focus vs. a desire for balance; the future of climbing, and more.

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