La Sportiva Lycan II

Gordon Gianniny reviews the La Sportiva Lycan II for Blister

The original La Sportiva Lycan was designed to be a softer, wider, and more cushioned shoe for mellow, smooth trails. But with the new Lycan II, they went in a very different direction, positioning it as a mid-distance shoe for “rocky and highly technical terrain.” So how do the two versions compare, and why should you opt for the Lycan II over Sportiva’s numerous other “mountain running” shoes?

Salomon Sense Ride 3

Maddie Hart reviews the Salomon Sense Ride 3 for Blister

Now in its 3rd iteration, the Salomon Sense Ride is a shoe that stands out not because it’s exceptional at one particular thing, but because of how well it performs across such a wide spectrum of trails and distances. Check out our full review.

La Sportiva Jackal

Gordon Gianniny reviews the La Sportiva Jackal for Blister

La Sportiva has become known for making rugged, stable shoes for running in mountainous terrain. But with their new Jackal, they’re targeting runners who want all-day comfort for longer outings, and we think they’ve done a good job of accomplishing that goal.

Scarpa Spin Ultra

Maddie Hart reviews the Scarpa Spin Ultra for Blister

Nowadays just about every major brand makes a few shoes targeted at running longer distances, but their approaches vary a good deal. The Scarpa Spin Ultra sets itself apart from some of its competition thanks to a comfy midsole and upper, but there’s more to it than just that. Check out our full review.

Salomon S/Lab Ultra 2

Maddie Hart reviews the Salomon S/Lab Ultra 2 for Blister

Last week we reviewed the Salomon Ultra /Pro and now we’re chiming in on its lighter, more race-oriented sibling, the S/Lab Ultra 2. After spending several 20+ mile days in this S/Lab shoe, we’ve come away impressed by its versatility and think that it could work for a lot of people — not just those who are trying to win the next ultramarathon.

Salomon Ultra /Pro

Maddie Hart reviews the Salomon Ultra W /Pro for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

As you might be able to guess by its name, the Salomon Ultra /Pro is the brand’s take on a trail running shoe for longer distances. Check out our review to see how it compares to shoes with similar design intentions, and how it works for more moderate-length runs.

La Sportiva Helios III

Maddie Hart reviews the La Sportiva Helios III for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

When it was first introduced, the Helios was an outlier in the La Sportiva trail running lineup — an ultralight, minimal, flexible shoe for mellower terrain. They recently brought back the Helios and we think the new Helios III is the most refined version yet. Check out our review.

Hoka One One EVO Jawz

Gordon Gianniny reviews the Hoka One One Evo Jawz for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Most brands now make at least one mud-oriented shoe for very technical terrain, and most of them are very niche. However, Hoka’s aptly named EVO Jawz has proven to be surprisingly versatile, and seems particularly appealing to those looking for maximum grip and stability — even on longer runs.

Altra Lone Peak 4.5

Kieran Nay reviews the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 for Blister

The Lone Peak has been in Altra’s running lineup for many years now, serving as their rugged, moderate-cushion trail shoe. Check out our review of the latest iteration, the Lone Peak 4.5, to see how it compares to the last version, several of Altra’s other trail shoes, and some other options on the market.

Altra Timp 2.0

Gordon Gianniny reviews the Altra Timp 2.0 for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Altra made several significant updates to their high-cushion Timp and we think that, for many people, the new Timp 2.0 is a better shoe in most regards. Check out our review to see how this versatile, cushioned shoe compares to the previous Timp 1.5 and several other shoes on the market.

Hoka One One Carbon X

Maddie Hart reviews the Hoka One One Carbon X for Blister

The Hoka Carbon X is part of a new class of shoes designed with one goal in mind: running as fast as possible. But this carbon-reinforced road shoe doesn’t look like the race shoes of the past, so we were curious to see how it handled a variety of distances and speeds, and how it compared to more “normal” shoes like the Hoka Clifton 6. Check out our review to see what we found.

Salomon S/Lab Sense 8

Gordon Gianniny reviews the Salomon S/Lab Sense 8 for Blister in Crested Butte, Colorado.

The Salomon S/Lab Sense 8 is an example of a product that’s designed to do a pretty specific thing, and that does that exceptionally well. But what about using it outside of racing and fast runs? Check out our review.