Scott Kinabalu 2

A dependable, predictable option is an invaluable addition to any shoe quiver, especially one already loaded with terrain- and distance-specific models. After testing, the Scott Kinabalu 2 is giving strong indications of being just that. Check out our full review to learn more.

Blister Brand Guide: Scott Running Shoe Lineup, 2023

Scott has quietly been making a wide range of performance footwear for both roads and trails since 2006, when they contracted a research and development lab in Portland, Oregon to help them design a lineup of shoes to meet the diverse demands of their athletes. Now over 15 years old, Scott’s trail and road running lines continue to offer innovative options for all sorts of runners. Check out our Brand Guide to learn more.

Scott Ultra Carbon RC

The Ultra Carbon RC feels like the end product of a meticulously conceived concept. Scott pours an indulgent amount of resources into the shoe, but it’s headlined by an innovative carbon plate designed to prevent the stability issues that have sunk plated trail models in the past. Check out our full review to learn more.

New Balance Fresh Foam X More Trail v3

The New Balance Fresh Foam X More Trail v3 is a lot of shoe by just about any standard. As one of the most cushioned ultra-distance options currently on the market, it has so far escaped several of the common pitfalls that plague many models in the hyper-maximalist trail shoe category. Check out our full review to learn more.

Leah Yingling on Lululemon’s FURTHER Initiative, Their New Women-Specific Road-to-Trail Shoe, & Her Western States 100 Expectations (Ep.175)

Leah Yingling returns to the show to discuss her new partnership with Lululemon and the brand’s FURTHER initiative, a first-of-its-kind ultramarathon for women intended to help close the sex and gender data gap in sports medicine that historically underrepresents female athletes.

Nike Pegasus Trail 4

The Pegasus Trail 4 feels like Nike is bringing one of their most popular off-road models full circle. Updates introduce new technology to a shoe that’s reverted to its original identity as a fairly lightweight road-to-trail hybrid after spending a few iterations masquerading as a burly ultra-distance option. Check out our full review to learn more.

New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro v7 GTX

The Gore-Tex version of New Balance’s updated Hierro v7 could be a popular model in North America this spring and summer, considering the Mountain West’s unprecedented snowpack. We’ve just begun testing, but so far the shoe’s off to an auspicious start, drawing comparison to models we've reviewed favorably in the past. Check out our initial impressions to learn more.

Sarah Ostaszewski on Winning Round 3 at the Cocodona 250 (Ep.172)

Sarah Ostaszewski has run the Cocodona 250 all three years of its existence and each time she’s gotten faster and faster. Her latest attempt on the grueling 250-mile course took her just over three days, good enough for the win and a fourth-place overall finish. We sat down with Sarah to talk about the allure of multi-day events; why she keeps coming back to the Cocodona 250; and more.

Brooks Catamount 2

After some wide-ranging testing, the Brooks Catamount 2 has all of the makings of a dynamic mid-distance trail shoe that draws comparisons to models we’ve been quite fond of in the past. Check out our full review to learn more.

Sarah Keyes on Living & Training in the Adirondacks, US Long Distance Team Dreams, & Pastry (Mis)adventures (Ep.171)

In her first season running for The North Face, Sarah Keyes just secured a spot on the US Long Distance team ahead of next month’s World Mountain Running Championships. So, Matt Mitchell sat down with her to chat about how the opportunity came about; calling the Adirondacks home; East Coast vs. West Coast trail running scenes; pastries; and much more.

COROS Vertix 2

The updated Vertix 2 is the most feature-laden (and expensive) watch in COROS’ lineup. As the brand’s flagship model, it’s intended to support an exhaustive list of activities for an exhausting amount of time with one of the longest estimated battery lives we’ve tested. But at what point does taking the idea of “do-it-all” begin to subtract from a watch’s functionality? Check out our full review to learn more.