Claire Bernard Miller, PT, on Building Strong Feet, Pelvic Floor Health, & Running Injury Free (Ep.140)

This time of year, many of us will feel the stress from all those hard summer miles take the form of unexpected aches and pains, which sometimes demand more involved treatment than just some extra time foam rolling. So, we sat down with Claire Bernard Miller, PT, to learn about how strong feet and a healthy pelvic floor can help prevent common running injuries.

Blister Brand Guide: VJ Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

VJ has been making footwear for trail running, obstacle course racing, and orienteering for over 40 years, though they’ve only been available in North America as recently as 2019. Their current lineup, though few in number, has some standout models designed to thrive in rugged conditions. Take a look at our Brand Guide to learn more about each one of their 2022 trail shoes.

Blister Brand Guide: Merrell Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

Over their 40-year history making hiking boots, Merrell has learned a thing or two about crafting footwear for trails, much to the benefit of their running shoe line. Sturdy, hard wearing, and protective, many of Merrell’s models fall back on the design principles that brought the brand so much early success, and continue to do so today. Check out our Brand Guide to get the rundown on all of their 2022 trail running shoes.

Victor Diaz on Renegade Running, Representation, & Creating Space for New Communities (Ep.139)

Specialty-running stores often act as community hubs, places where runners of all skill levels can gather to learn, connect, and train. However, the demographics these small businesses cater to frequently fail people of color. So, we spoke to Victor Diaz, owner of Renegade Running, a run-specialty store rooted in Oakland, CA, to learn about how he’s creating a space that’s engaged with and reflective of the diverse culture it helps serve.

Trail Running Glossary of Terms: Trail Lingo

Trail running culture is a language in itself, full of slang terms, expressions, and phrases that add character to the sport. But like with any language, learning the vocabulary takes time, so in the fourth installment in our Trail Running Glossary of Terms series, we’ve collected and defined common lingo you might encounter out on the trails.

Jennifer Strong McConachie on “Go Far,” Dostoevsky, and the Four Corners of Endurance (Ep.138)

Beyond a genre of sport, endurance is also a fundamental part of living, so we sat down with author and athlete, Jennifer Strong McConachie, to talk about her new book, "Go Far: How Endurance Sports Help You Win At Life," a collection of stories that encapsulate the life philosophy she’s formed from running long, climbing high, and swimming deep.

Petzl Iko Core

Trail running can be a turbulent sport, and traditional headlamps that rely on elastic bands often fail to provide a secure enough fit to stay in place over the course of an outing. With the Iko Core, a reimagined headlamp that uses rubberized plastic to form a semi-rigid frame designed to rest comfortably on top of the head, Petzl offers a versatile, ergonomic, and powerful lighting option specifically for runners.

Rod Farvard on UTMB, “Hobby Jogging,” & Making the Transition from Triathlon to the Trails (Ep.136)

On this week’s episode of Off The Couch, we sat down with ultrarunner Rod Farvard a week removed from finishing 5th American at this year’s Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc to talk about his first time racing on an international stage; how he made the jump from triathlon to trail running; “hobby jogging”; and a whole lot more.

Blister Brand Guide: Scott Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

Scott has quietly been making a wide range of performance footwear for both roads and trails since 2006, when they contracted a research and development lab in Portland, Oregon to help them design a lineup of shoes to meet the diverse demands of their athletes. Now over 15 years old, Scott’s trail and road running lines continue to offer innovative options for all sorts of runners. Check out our Brand Guide to learn more.

Blister Brand Guide: Craft Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

Craft is perhaps better known for making moisture-wicking technical layers than shoes, but since breaking into the footwear space a few years ago, they’ve already turned out an impressive lineup of innovative shoes for roads, trails, and everything in between. Check out our 2022 Brand Guide to see what’s new from Craft this year and which of their models might make the most sense for you.

Todd Aydelotte on Running Through History, Edgar Allen Poe, & The Warriors UltraRun (Ep.135)

We sat down with ultrarunner and race director, Todd Aydelotte, to hear all about how he uses running to trace the lives of historical figures, like Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, and Teddy Roosevelt. Along the way, we also talk about the semi-legal 28-mile road race he created to reenact the 70’s cult film, “The Warriors”; running through New York City subways after dark; and a whole lot more.

Trail Running Glossary of Terms: Trail Running Shoe Categories

While roads almost always guarantee a consistent running surface, the same cannot be said for the wide-ranging "trails" out there. Trail running shoes mirror this variability in the range of different forms they can take, with some types of shoes performing better in certain scenarios than others. In the third installment in our Trail Running Glossary of Terms series, we’ve outlined several of the most common categories of trail running shoes, including some of the advantages they offer and where each one might be limited.

Travis Soares on Setting the Sierra Peaks Section List FKT (Ep.134)

The Sierra Peaks Section List includes 247 of the most prominent peaks scattered throughout California’s Sierra Nevada Range. Reaching every summit is a lifetime’s work for most, and up until recently, no one had completed the list within a calendar year. But Travis Soares did — in a record 117 days — so we sat down with him to hear all about how things shook out on the roof of the Sierra.

Blister Brand Guide: Altra Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

While all Altra shoes share their signature zero-drop platform and "FootShape" fit, there’s still a ton of variation within both their road and trail lineups, including several new models for 2022. Check out our Brand Guide for a full breakdown of what sets each shoe apart from the others, and which ones best match your running style.

Trail Running Glossary of Terms: Trail Running Shoe Materials & Tech

As much as footwear brands try to simplify how they market the technology that goes into their shoes, making sense of all the different types of plastics, fabrics, and foams out there can be confusing. So, in our second installment in our Trail Running Glossary of Terms series, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common materials used to construct shoes, along with some of their benefits and drawbacks.

Blister Brand Guide: Scarpa Trail Running Shoe Lineup, 2022

Scarpa, often known for their mountaineering and skiing equipment, has turned out numerous trail running shoes over the past few years. In 2022, they’ve expanded their tidy lineup to include niche options for technical terrain, racing, road-to-trail, and more. Check out our Brand Guide to get the rundown on all of the different models from Scarpa this year.

Trail Running Glossary of Terms: Shoe Anatomy

Trail running shoes come in all different shapes and sizes, and finding the appropriate pair to suit your needs can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the technical terms commonly used to describe them. So, in the first installment of our Trail Running Glossary of Terms, we’ll break down each of the features routinely found on trail shoes to help you get a better sense of what to look for.