Prior Snowboards & Skis, with Dominic Morin (Ep.39)

We talk to Prior’s head snowboard and ski shaper, Dominic Morin, about the origins of Prior, their philosophy of ski and snowboard shaping, their craziest designs, their new shapes for 19/20, and the legacy of Chris Prior.

Sam Shaheen and Luke Koppa review the Prior CBC for Blister
Sam Shaheen on the Prior CBC, Crested Butte, CO.


  • The origins of Prior (2:15)
  • Why Prior shapes cores by hand (3:43)
  • What’s the craziest custom design you’ve done? (8:08)
  • How do your snowboard designs influence Prior’s ski designs? (12:13)
  • Why is there a wider variety of snowboard shapes than ski shapes? (15:38)
  • The Prior CBC and Husume (20:23)
  • The Prior Northwest 110 and 100 (26:06)
  • Why Prior has several niche models (31:12)
  • How does Prior respond to trends in snowboard shapes? (33:37)
  • Chris Prior’s lasting legacy (42:21)

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