Nordica Announces New Enforcer Skis & HF Boots

Nordica Announces New Enforcer 100 & Enforcer 94 & HF Boots; BLISTER
20/21 Nordica Enforcer 94

Today, Nordica announced their “completely redesigned” Enforcer 100, a new Enforcer 94, and their new “hands free” HF boot collection. These products will be available in limited quantities starting in January of 2020.

If you’ve read some of our reviews or seen any of our Winter Buyer’s Guides from the past several years, you’ll know that we are very big fans of the Nordica Enforcer (and women’s Santa Ana) skis. Year after year, many of the skis in the lineup have proven to be excellent options for a huge range of skiers due to their blend of stability and forgiveness.

So we were honestly a bit nervous when we heard that Nordica was changing the Enforcer 100 and Enforcer 93. While we’ll be getting the skis in hand very soon to really find out how different they are, Nordica’s description of the new skis made us a bit less worried.

Nordica Enforcer 100 Updates

Nordica says that the main updates to the skis come down to their construction. The 20/21 Enforcer 100 and new Enforcer 94 feature a nearly identical construction to the Enforcer 88 that they released last year. Essentially, it’s a slightly different carbon / fiberglass laminate and their “True Tip” technology, which basically means they use less ABS plastic in the tip and the wood core extends farther toward the end of the ski, designed to reduce swing weight (the Enforcer Free 104 also features a similar, but slightly different construction). In our opinion, the Enforcer Free 104 and Enforcer 88 felt very similar to the older Enforcer skis we’ve used (which, to be clear, is a very good thing in our book).

Nordica Announces New Enforcer 100 & Enforcer 94 & HF Boots; BLISTER
20/21 Nordica Enforcer 100

The new 20/21 Enforcer 100 has nearly identical dimensions to the previous version, though they’ve tweaked their sizing scheme to be in line with the 19/20 Enforcer 88 & 104 Free.

The new Enforcer 100 will come in five lengths: 165, 172, 179, 186, and 191 cm.

New Nordica Enforcer 94

The Enforcer 94 is allegedly 1 millimeter wider underfoot than the Enforcer 93 it will effectively replace, but it uses the same construction as the new 20/21 Enforcer 100. The Enforcer 94 will come in the same lengths as the 20/21 Enforcer 100.

Nordica Announces New Enforcer 100 & Enforcer 94 & HF Boots; BLISTER
20/21 Nordica Enforcer 94

We should have the new Enforcer 94 & Enforcer 100 very soon, and we’ll then be posting more in-depth First Look videos & writeups.

(And in the meantime, stay tuned for our full review of the Enforcer 88, which we’ll be publishing tomorrow.)

Nordica’s New “Hands Free” Boots

In addition to the new skis, Nordica also announced a whole new line of boots: the HF series. The “HF” stands for “Hands Free,” and that’s what this line is all about.

Nordica Announces New Enforcer 100 & Enforcer 94 & HF Boots; BLISTER
Nordica HF 110 Boot

Like Atomic’s Savor boots, Nordica’s HF boots feature a rear-entry design to maximize how easy it is to get them on and off. The back of the cuff has a large lever that reportedly allows the cuff to open 40°. Rather than being used to increase mobility for walking and skinning (e.g., like walk mechanisms on touring boots), the HF boots’ closure is simply designed to make getting in and out of ski boots much easier. The level is also what connects the rear cuff to the front of the boot, and the HF boots only have a single ratchet-style buckle over the instep. No power strap, no regular buckles.

Nordica Announces New Enforcer 100 & Enforcer 94 & HF Boots; BLISTER
Nordica HF 110 Boot

Nordica says that you can lift up the HF boots’ lever with a ski pole and lock it down with a pole or your other boot. End goal: hands-free on and off. To match its shell design, the HF boots use a cork liner with a larger throat opening. On top of all that, the HF boots’ shells and liners are heat moldable.

The HF lineup includes the HF 110, HF 85 W, HF Elite Heat, and HF Elite Heat W. The “Heat” models come with Thermic heated liners, and share the same flex pattern as the equivalent non-heated versions, so the HF 110 & HF Elite Heat each have flex ratings of 110, while the HF 85 W and HF Elite Heat W each have flex ratings of 85. All of the HF boots are built around a 102 mm last.

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Nordica Announces New Enforcer Skis & HF Boots, BLISTER
Nordica Announces New Enforcer Skis & HF Boots, BLISTER

12 comments on “Nordica Announces New Enforcer Skis & HF Boots”

  1. Good to hear they haven’t taken a load of weight out! On the plus side topsheets look good. Intrigued by the boots, that lever will have to be well built if they are encouraging closure using the other boot!

  2. “Hands Free” Boots? :-| Doesn’t seem the kind of people who hang around here are in their target market for that product.

  3. When will the new Nordica Enforcer 100’s be available to purchase? I’m looking to buy a ski in the very near future, so might need to hold out until I can get a pair of these!

  4. I like the idea of downsizing the 100 & 94 from 193cm to 191cm,,, a little better fit in rugged chutes, jaggy bumps, etc. I have been skiing the W18/19 93 in the 193, great length in slaying icy groomers or variable open slope, but the length and stiffness not as forgiving for my 175lb frame in off piste tight terrain.

  5. Hi guys i’m a little confused, if the 94 is similar construction to the 88 then it should be heavier and stiffer than the 93 (see 88 review). However on the Nordica webesite they say it’s lighter (below). Help, what am i missing? I love the 93 for everything that is not soft, so i’m probably biased. Lighter? Softer? more playful?

    “The new carbon chassis coupled with a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal deliver tremendous stability and response and dampen vibrations for an especially smooth ride. In addition to reducing weight, this modern design provides outstanding edge hold that inspires confidence and helps lay down powerful and precise turns.”

  6. Any idea when y’all might get your hands on the new Enforcers, in particular the 100?

    It sounds like they aren’t changing too much, but if it turns out to be a noticeable difference, I’m wondering if it would be worth it to pick up a 2019 pair of the Enforcer 100’s before they’re all out of circulation.

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