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Our conversations with the most interesting athletes, designers, authors, and filmmakers in the world of action sports. 


GEAR:30 is where we geek out hard and go deep into the details about the most important outdoor gear. 

Bikes & Big Ideas

We discuss the latest in the bike world; being good stewards of the places we ride; and the game-changing innovations and emerging industries that can improve the present and our future.

Off The Couch

Off The Couch takes a closer look at the wide, weird, and wonderful world of running.

All Things Climbing

We cover the major events, prominent trends, new gear, and notable individuals that make the climbing community so interesting. 

Recent Podcasts

Jonathan Ellsworth talks to Sweet Protection co-founder, Stale Moller, on the Blister Podcast

How to Protect Your Head (Ep.18)

You know you should wear a helmet, because head injuries are no joke. But are all helmets equally safe? And what’s up with all those different safety certifications? What do you really need to know before purchasing a helmet? We talk to the founder & head designer of Sweet Protection, Stale Moller, about all this and more.

Noah Bodman on the Blister Podcast for Blister Gear Review.

Blister’s Bike Editor, Noah Bodman (Ep.15)

We talk to bike editor, Noah Bodman, about this season’s new bikes, evolving standards, Gwin’s victory on his new ride, why I probably shouldn’t shoot Gwin in Butte, Montana, and more…

Blister Podcast for Blister Gear Review.

Blister’s Best Bets & Week in Review (Ep.9)

We talk about some of the brand new gear we’ve been testing, and we discuss “Blister’s Best Bets” – the skis that, in our opinion, can deliver a great time to the broadest range of skiers.

The Blister Podcast - FWT competitor Garrett Altmann

Freeride World Tour skier, Garrett Altmann (Ep.5)

We talk to Garrett Altmann, a three-time competitor on the Freeride World Tour, as well as a Blister reviewer—one of our original reviewers, in fact. We talk to Garrett about his background: growing up racing and mogul skiing, his time on the US ski team, filming