Brendan Runs the Bighorn 100 (Ep.5)


  • Recovering from the race (2:23)
  • The story behind the Bighorn Trail Run (5:15)
  • When & Why did you decide to do it? (10:41)
  • Preparing for the Bighorn 100 (11:25)
  • How mud changed the race (12:27)
  • Resisting comfort at aid stations (16:00)
  • Pushing through the 2nd half of the race (18:22)
  • The patience of race pacers (23:12)
  • The Finish (30:13)
  • Wildlife encounters? (32:29)
  • Hellbender 100 vs. Bighorn 100 (35:36)
  • The Question: Will you do another 100? (36:57)

This past weekend, my Off The Couch co-host, Brendan Leonard (@semirad), ran — and completed — the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Endurance Run. So I talked with him about why he decided to run it; how he prepared; the highs and lows of the experience; dealing with the race’s signature mud; his advice for anyone thinking of running a 100; and then, the big question: whether or not he plans on running another 100 miler.

Brendan Leonard talks with Jonathan Ellsworth about completing the Bighorn Trail 100 Mile Run on Blister's Off The Couch podcast
Brendan's legs after the Bighorn Trail 100 Endurance Run.

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