Buttered Noodles; Opening Day; & Ski Quivers (Ep.124)

Buttered Noodles; Opening Day; & Ski Quivers (Ep.124), BLISTER
Jonathan Ellsworth skiing at Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

Luke Koppa and I discuss the opening day of the ski season; approaches to building ski quivers; our specific selections; Luke’s latest rant; What we’re Celebrating; & more.


  • Buttered Noodles & Air Fresheners (3:31)
  • Opening Day! (11:04)
  • Frontside Skis We’re Now Testing (17:21)
  • *Our* Quiver Selections (19:26)
  • Approaches to Building a Quiver (23:11)
  • Luke’s 3-ski quiver (33:36)
  • Jonathan’s 3-ski quiver (36:04)
  • Rossignol Blackops Sender Ti (38:12)
  • K2 Mindbender 108 Ti (40:16)
  • Luke’s Rant (42:42)
  • What We’re Celebrating (45:39)


14 comments on “Buttered Noodles; Opening Day; & Ski Quivers (Ep.124)”

  1. Here’s a ski quiver question for your part two: If hypothetically you didn’t review for blister and just had to buy every ski with your own money, how many skis would you include in your quiver?

    • Dang I was going to ask this same thing. Bonus points if your quiver already has skis you sort of like but wish were slightly different because you have changed as a skiier (now the question is path dependent and has a billon answers) I.e if you had some generic 90 underfoot ski from 2014 would you still buy the line blade?

      Also Vail resorts should throw you a pass on the reservation system. Blister riding chairs is VERY high on the list of things we should be worrying about right now :)

      • Ha, you all should be happy to know that Luke has skied every day since the lifts started spinning, and Luke, Dylan Wood, and I were out skiing today — and will repeat tomorrow. (I started out on the Salomon Stance 96, then switched with Dylan to get some turns on the Line Blade. Luke was on the K2 Disruption 78C, and more frontside testing begins in earnest starting tomorrow.

        And re: your (good) question Nolan, I’ll answer that (and ask some of the others) that question for this week’s GEAR:30 conversation. My answer’s got a bit of a story behind it.

      • Yeah the path dependent aspect is really interesting. It’s fun to hear about how people’s quivers evolved over time, and even if their preferences haven’t really changed the order they filled out the slots still tells you a lot.

  2. What’s your one travel ski for western resorts? Say you’re planning to visit a few snowy destinations hoping for some best days ever, but knowing you may get skunked with bluebird. How different might that be than your final selection one ski quiver? Would you care to make a spot for it in a quiver of two or more?

  3. As your hair is the evidence of what has gone on in and through your body, I reckon the new hippy soap, hand delivered by elves in a zero carbon emission hovercraft to an address of his choice for Xmas..isn’t going to fend off the butter noodle consumption. Get on some nutritious food, Eat right and embrace the mullet.

  4. For Luke: Try butter and Lemon pepper. McCormick Perfect Pinch is spot on. Don’t get the fancy “California” lemon pepper or anything weird. That is all you need; however, if you want to impress the ladies, just add sun dried tomatoes or olives. On your own, three ingredients might be a bridge too far, but occasionally we’re all forced to up our game. You don’t get something for nothing.

  5. Lukie boy should listen to George Thorogoods song”Get a Haircut” then go on a 10 day sheep hunt with Paul Forward.(…sorry Dr.Forward!). The kid needs his crank adjusted.He’s got the World by the hind end and doesn’t know it.

  6. Could you guys please convince Rossignol to make a black ops 118 in a 192cm? I have been trying for years but no dice.. cheers fellas

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