Chelsea Kimball on Van Life, Darkfest, & the Growth of Women’s Freeride (Ep.113)

Chelsea Kimball is really making waves in the burgeoning world of women’s freeride, so on this week’s episode of Bikes & Big Ideas, we sat down with her to talk about her unconventional path to being an MTB pro; Darkfest & being among the first women to participate; Freeride Fiesta; van life; the state and growth of women’s freeride; and a whole lot more.
Chelsea Kimball at Red Bull Formation (photo by Catherine Aeppel / Red Bull)

Chelsea Kimball got a later start in MTB than a lot of pro riders, but she’s making up for lost time and is part of the inaugural class of women participating in Darkfest, among a whole lot of other huge accomplishments. So we sat down with her to talk about all of it, including her longtime commitment to van life, Freeride Fiesta and getting props from Yoann Barelli, the state and future of women’s freeride, and a whole lot more.


  • Growing up climbing & getting introduced to MTB (1:16)
  • Van life & Chevy Astros (7:04)
  • Freeride Fiesta (17:54)
  • Darkfest & getting women into freeride events (22:14)
  • The state and trajectory of women’s freeride (24:00)
  • Future riding goals (28:04)
  • 2022 plans (29:12)
  • Windrock (32:04)
  • Path to success in the MTB industry (33:51)
  • Chelsea’s Big Idea (39:36)



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