Claire Bernard Miller, PT, on Building Strong Feet, Pelvic Floor Health, & Running Injury Free (Ep.140)

Running is often praised for its simplicity, but what it requires from the body can be quite complex. As October rolls around, many of us will feel the stress from all those hard summer miles take the form of unexpected aches and pains, which sometimes demand more involved treatment than just some extra time spent on the foam roller. So, we sat down with Claire Bernard Miller, PT, to learn about how her style of physical therapy thinks of the body holistically; why every runner should work on strengthening their feet; the definition of our “pelvic floor,” and why having a healthy one can help prevent common overuse injuries; and much more.


  • Claire’s background in PT (6:10)
  • What’s PT school actually like? (9:06)
  • Starting her own business during the pandemic (10:31)
  • Working with high-level athletes (13:11)
  • Who to see first: doctor or PT? (13:42)
  • How her own injury history directs her practice (17:20)
  • What is your pelvic floor & why is it important? (21:48)
  • How to strengthen your pelvic floor (25:02)
  • Running & pregnancy (31:54)
  • Building strong feet (35:31)
  • Gait Happens (37:52)
  • Busting myths about supination & pronation (40:49)
  • MoBo Board & ToePro (43:08)
  • Shoes with wide toe boxes: friend or foe? (44:37)
  • When to stay away from zero-drop shoes (47:06)
  • How to find Claire (48:33)



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