Creating Your Own Sport: Buzz Burrell & the Invention of the ‘FKT’ (Ep.53)


  • Buzz’s first long-distance run (1:45)
  • Starting the 1st organic farm in Colorado (11:20)
  • Delivering a baby? (13:06)
  • Going to Asia, biking in Tibet (16:56)
  • Mountain Running (26:31)
  • Running the John Muir Trail (36:36)
  • Inventing the hydration pack (47:06)
  • Giving yourself a promotion (48:36)
  • Establishing ‘Fastest Known Time’ (52:36)
  • Creativity & FKTs (58:25)
  • The process of approving a FKT submission (1:02:24)
  • Trends in FKT submissions (1:07:06)

A few weeks ago Brendan Leonard and I talked to the legend himself, Buzz Burrell. In the first part of our conversation, we talk about Buzz’s background, including his first-ever long-distance run; starting the first organic farm in Colorado; the time he delivered a baby; inventing the hydration pack; and more. And then we discuss Buzz’s role in establishing the concept of the Fastest Known Time; creativity and FKTs, the process of approving FKT submissions, and some of the trends he’s seeing in the world of FKTs.

Buzz Burrell goes on Blister's Off The Couch podcast to discuss establishing the concept of a Fastest Known Time; the trends of FKTs, starting an organic farm, & more
Buzz Burrell (photo courtesy of Ultimate Direction)

1 comment on “Creating Your Own Sport: Buzz Burrell & the Invention of the ‘FKT’ (Ep.53)”

  1. THIS! was awesome!

    Loved the “onsighting his own baby delivery” part…

    Life well lived, Buzz, Life well lived.

    Thank you Jonathan and Brendan for doing such quality research to draw out such a fabulous string of life stories!

    Loved it. Loved the Flow. Artful.

    with stoke,

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