Duncan Callahan on Winter Training; Coaching & Competing; & More (Ep.36)


  • Duncan’s work with CTS (3:57)
  • Best practices for winter training (5:25)
  • Coaching Maddie Hart (7:47)
  • Are there more injuries in the winter? (12:43)
  • Staying motivated (13:51)
  • Balancing coaching & training (18:18)
  • What big race interests you the most? (29:00)

Duncan Callahan is one of our favorite people, so we’re excited to have him back on the show to catch up. We had Duncan on last July (Episode 9 of Off the Couch) and it was a very compelling and very honest conversation about some huge successes of his, but also about some of Duncan’s struggles and doubts and questions.

In this conversation, Duncan and I talked about the increasing amount of coaching he’s doing with Carmichael Training Systems (including coaching our own Maddie Hart); thoughts on winter training; his working through the logistics of being a coach versus being an athlete, and more.

Duncan Callahan talks with Jonathan Ellsworth on Off The Couch Podcast
Duncan Callahan

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