Forbidden Bikes Founder Owen Pemberton (Ep.201)

Forbidden Bikes Founder Owen Pemberton (Ep.201)
Owen Pemberton (far left) With Rhys Verner (photo: Dave Trumpmore)

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Forbidden might be *the* company most closely associated with high-pivot bikes, but Owen Pemberton didn’t set out with that goal in mind when he founded the company. We sat down with Owen to hear all about his journey through the bike industry, including a long tenure as an engineer at Norco; founding Forbidden; his philosophy on bike design and geometry; how he ended up settling on high-pivot suspension layouts; the new Druid V2 and Supernought; and Owen teases some future Forbidden models, too.

Owen’s path into the bike industry and tenure at Norco (2:20)
Founding Forbidden (8:17)
High-pivot bikes and the V1 Druid (16:50)
Chainstay lengths & proportional geometry (29:09)
Trifecta V2 & suspension kinematics (41:47)
What’s next from Forbidden? (53:21)

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Forbidden Bikes Founder Owen Pemberton (Ep.201), BLISTER
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1 comment on “Forbidden Bikes Founder Owen Pemberton (Ep.201)”

  1. These are cool bikes, and I’m glad they exist. I also think he has a lot of sensible things to say.
    The one thing that doesn’t make sense is when he was talking about front rear balance.
    He says that many riders will adjust suspension, to compensate for steeper or flatter terrain, (because steeper terrain shifts more of your wight forward). He claims this is a bad thing.
    Why? If a suspension component has more weight on it, you add spring rate and damping. After all, no one would suggest it’s bad for a heavier rider to add those?
    Or what of you have a different front:rear weight balance due to posture or bike geo? Everyone adjusts sag and damping for a similar end goal, regardless of those factors.
    So, my point is, there is nothing inherently bad about adjusting suspension for the amount of weight it sees.

    Ironically, I am a huge fan of long chain stays for big frame sizes, which is what this was all about!

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