Kästle Ski Boots: Origins, Design, & 23/24 Lineup (Ep.250)

For decades, Kästle has been making high-end skis for everything from racing to Nordic and skimo. But what sparked their recent launch into the ski boot category? It’s far from a simple process, so I talked with Alessandro Speranzoni, Kästle’s global ski boot product engineer, and Alex Pritzlaff, their U.S. product manager, to discuss the origins of the project; the design details of their boots, including their mysterious “Secret Mix” plastic composition; the 23/24 Kästle boot lineup; some new projects they have in the works, and more.

Alessandro & Alex’s Background (3:22)
Kästle’s heritage (6:49)
The “Ski Boot Challenge” (10:02)
Prototyping & Design (13:41)
Key Blend / “Secret Mix” Plastics (21:04)
Fit & Liners (31:44)
Stance & Boot Boards (37:34)
“K Release” Buckles (40:08)
23/24 Lineup (41:53)
Women-Specific Boot & Ski Project (52:25)
Crashes & Close Calls (1:05:32)
What We’re Celebrating (1:07:15)

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  1. Look forward to listening to this. I do hope you got the chance to ask when they will send you some ZX100/108/115‘s for testing!

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