Gear Talk, Mic Drops, & Zen Koans with Flylow’s Dan Abrams (Ep.162)

Gear Talk, Mic Drops, & Zen Koans with Flylow’s Dan Abrams (Ep.162), BLISTER
Jonathan Ellsworth in the Flylow Dante Jacket, Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

Flylow founder (and certified gear nerd) Dan Abrams is back to talk about the skis and ski boots he’s interested in for the coming season; Flylow’s mountain bike apparel; and what’s new in the Flylow lineup for Winter 21/22.


  • The skis & ski boots Dan is considering (4:01)
  • Update on Flylow’s mountain bike apparel (14:53)
  • Production logistics & mic drops (19:09)
  • Winter gear, bibs, & a confession(26:25)
  • Koan: “You don’t break in the garment…” (37:37)
  • More gear confessions (43:05)
  • Up & coming athlete on your radar? (44:44)
  • What We’re Celebrating (52:43)


4 comments on “Gear Talk, Mic Drops, & Zen Koans with Flylow’s Dan Abrams (Ep.162)”

  1. For Dan “best bibs, no bibs” Abrams: Looking at the Deckard Short, the one thing that stops me from buying them is the velcro side adjustments. About 75% of the bike shorts on the market have that setup. However, or DH wear a pear of 5 yo POC shorts. The fabric is still solid, but the velcro gets fuzzed out and unreliable on DH. For trail, probably ok. However, on that description you say for Enduro, but it’s the down that counts. True that. Fox (and maybe some others) have a kind of ratchet belt, and Zoic has a ladder loop system or their DH oriented shorts. That’s a big change for a product, but velcro and downhill don’t mix. I know you have the belt loops, and that is a good secondary system, but it’d be nice to have reliability through and through.

    And if you made DH bibs, I might bite. I sure love them skiing.

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