Gear West on Current Trends + New Ski & Snowboard Gear (Ep.190)

Mark "Osman" Osell and Jeff Perry go on Blister's GEAR:30 podcast to discuss their shop, Gear West, Midwestern skiing, snowboarding, and biking, and more
Gear West

We’re talking new gear and gear trends with Lucas Evans and Jeff Perry of Gear West, our Blister Recommended Shop in Long Lake, Minnesota.


  • Shop overview & Lucas & Jeff’s backgrounds (2:30)
  • Consumer interest this season? (8:42)
  • Splitboarding performance vs solids (10:46)
  • Uphill skiing (15:12)
  • Nidecker’s new binding (21:58)
  • Skis, ski boots & flex patterns (25:05)
  • Unisex vs. women’s specific skis (38:30)



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  1. You really should have gotten Isabelle Berg on air for this. I’d like to hear from the women skiers. It’s a huge letdown for us to leave our racing years and feel abandoned by the industry we love.

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