Hope on Their New Tech 4 Brakes & Sweating the Details (Ep.122)

Hope has been making mountain bike disc brakes for longer than just about anybody, and earlier this year they launched their new Tech 4 lineup of brakes. So we sat down with Hope’s design engineer, Sam Gibbs, to talk about the new brakes & what changed from the prior Tech 3 models; how to choose the right brakes, rotors, and pads for you; and along the way we go pretty deep on the finer points of brake tech and all the tradeoffs inherent to designing them.
Hope’s new Tech 4 brakes got a big bump up in power, but there’s a whole lot more that goes into designing a brake than just turning that dial to 11. So we sat down with Hope engineer Sam Gibbs to talk about all of that; the tradeoffs that go into brake design; the new Tech 4 lineup in detail; and a whole lot more.
Hope Tech 4 V4 — Color Options


  • Sam’s role at Hope (1:39)
  • New Tech 4 lineup (3:55)
  • The Tech 4 lever (7:48)
  • Caliper design & piston materials (17:18)
  • Brake design & tradeoffs (21:57)
  • Choosing the right brake for you (32:28)
  • Rotor sizes & heat management (39:11)
  • Brake pad options & tradeoffs (42:18)
  • Sam’s Big Idea (53:32)



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