Jesse Melamed on His 2022 EWS Title, “Near Death” Save, Moving to Canyon, & More (Ep.171)

Jesse Melamed won the 2022 EWS Overall, and then, despite that success, made the move to Canyon from longtime frame sponsor Rocky Mountain. So we sat down with Jesse to chat about what he changed with his mental approach and bike setup to make the 2022 season come together; why it was time for a team change despite that success; his decision-making process in choosing his new race bike from Canyon’s extensive line; the start of the 2023 season, including Jesse’s insane save at Maydena; the new EDR point structure and race format; and a whole lot more.


  • Jesse’s 2022 EWS Overall Title (3:18)
  • Bike setup for the 2022 season (8:38)
  • DH vs. Enduro (10:20)
  • Bike setup for racing vs. riding for fun (11:42)
  • Richie Rude & the battle for the EWS Overall (15:28)
  • Jesse’s race prep and approach (21:05)
  • Moving to Canyon (25:55)
  • Changing bike setup & approaching getting on a new one (30:28)
  • The start of the 2023 season (43:10)
  • The new 2023 Enduro point structure & merging with the UCI (48:21)
  • Jesse’s “near-death” save (51:02)
  • Growing and managing Enduro racing (55:37)
  • Jesse’s 2023 goals (1:02:27)


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