Kaytlyn Gerbin on Science, Volcanoes, & Pretty Much Everything Else (Ep.69)

Kaytlyn Gerbin in Playa Dominical. (photo by Hilary Ann / @thehilaryann)

Brendan Leonard and Jonathan Ellsworth talk to Kaytlyn Gerbin about her work as a bioengineer, the Rainier Infinity Loop; running ultras vs mountaineering; why scientists make good ultra runners; cheating on snowboarding; and a whole lot more.


  • Kaytlyn tries to remember the name of her dissertation (2:21)
  • Describe the Rainier Infinity Loop? (6:35)
  • Choosing projects / running ultra vs mountaineering (10:30)
  • How much do you tailor training for specific events? (14:03)
  • Is your brain on or off while exercising (15:57)
  • Why scientists make great ultra runners (19:59)
  • Rock climbing vs. ultra running (21:23)
  • What was your introduction to running? (26:11)
  • Growing up in Wisconsin (32:30)
  • Imposter syndrome & start line at Western States (35:09)
  • Snowboarding / cheating on snowboarding (37:50)
  • Ultra runner couples & pacing your partner (51:42)
  • The rest of 2020? (57:41)

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