Neko Mulally on Designing His Own World Cup DH Race Bike (Ep.100)

Neko Mulally has had a very successful career racing for some of the biggest teams on the World Cup circuit, so we were surprised — and excited — when he announced that he was launching his own team for the 2022 season, and racing a bike that he designed himself. So we had to get Neko on Bikes & Big Ideas to talk about how he decided to take on such an ambitious project; designing the bike(s) and working with Frank The Welder to build them; starting his own team; and a whole lot more.


  • Project origins & initial concepts (1:31)
  • Making the leap & leaving Intense (16:00)
  • Working with Frank the Welder (19:00)
  • Design goals & tradeoffs (28:09)
  • Going from kinematics & geometry to a real bike design (35:07)
  • Testing & refining the design (48:37)
  • Sponsorship & starting a team (59:00)
  • Neko’s Big Idea (1:06:17)


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