On Guide Books & Decision Making in the Backcountry (Ep.152)

Beacon Guide Books founder, Andy Sovick, goes on the Blister Podcast to discuss guide books in general, backcountry decision making, and more
Andy Sovick in Blister HQ, Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado.

Two episodes ago (Blister Podcast ep. #150) when Cody Townsend and I were having our Reviewing the News conversation, Cody mentioned a story about a snowcat operation that was suing a producer of backcountry guide books. And I mentioned that I knew said producer of backcountry guide books, and was overdue in having him on this podcast. And so, today, is that promised conversation with Andy Sovick, founder of Beacon Guide Books.

Sales of backcountry guide books are up, and more and more people are venturing out. So we talked with Andy about how he got into publishing guide books; why he actually dislikes the term “guide books”; whether or not backcountry guide books should even exist; the responsibilities that come with publishing them; why Andy is an advocate of the “ATES” system (Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale); and more.



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  1. I loved this podcast what a great follow up from the prior podcast 150! Great theme of educating poeple on the backcounty this year with so many people looking at the backcountry as a sliding option this year. Last night, I was geeking out on ski movies on YouTube and watched ZERMATT TO VERBIER | The Faction Collective | 4K. I noticed some of the skiers used the Cast binding system. I was not aware of the company but they are located in the States :) in Idahoe. Could you look into interviewing them, I think it might be a great GEAR:30!!!

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